The Bishnupur town is the district head quarter of the Bishnupur District. It is comprised of 12 (twelve) Municipal wards with a population of 12,167 as per 2011 census. There are many educational institutions from primary level to graduation including nursing and medical colleges. Besides Government offices with quarters, there are other facilities like cinema halls, bank, police stations, fire services and public sanitary places. The literacy percentage of the town is around 59.30%. The town is the main marketing center of the adjoining areas and the other small scale industries. The main occupation of the inhabitants are cultivation, fishing and stone crafting. The Bishnupur town is situated at a distance of 28 km from Imphal along the National Highway 150. It is surrounded by the Thangjing hill range in the west and the famous Loktak lake in the East. The valley of the town is elongated and tapering towards south west. The high and low level lift irrigation cannels pass through the town.

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